Silver Creek is an affluent area in Southeast San Jose where fine real estate and homes are the norm.  Silver Creek is near the southern end of the Evergreen neighborhood. Silver Creek is very conveniently located to downtown San Jose California, yet maintains its exclusive look and feel.

Silver Creek is a location that brings the best home to families and individual who appreciate luxurious living in a community rich with culture and style. Come home to Silver Creek today and experience great schools, entertainment, shopping, transportation and convienience.

Silver Creek Homes

Beautiful Silver Creek is providing a popular destination for family living where those who are looking to escape city life and those looking for an exciting vibrant contemporary Silicon Valley scene and appeal, go hand in hand. The rural setting of homes and hills is a destination coveted by people from all over the world.

The easy living in Silver Creek California makes the location a real hot spot for people who come to re-locate from all around the world.  Silver Creek California is known for great weather all year around where the sun shines most of the time, and the only snow that is seen is on the mountain tops that surround the lush area in the distance. 

Silver Creek is also a hop skip and a jump to Morgan Hill as well as Gilroy.  The variety of events and happenings around the community make Silver Creek an ideal place for couples to raise a family and for singles to discover love. There is always something to do in Silver Creek. 

The area is perfectly situated to nearby popular parks and recreation areas where folks enjoy fishing, camping and picnicking year around at places like Henry Coe State Park and Mt. Madonna.

There are numerous advantages to owning a home. One of the serious advantages is the equity that is built over time. As equity builds, you create a pool of money to access in trying times.



Silver Creek Sports Plex

The new Silver Creek Sportsplex is a destination that offers the vibrant community sports and fitness for the entire family, along with the best birthday parties in town, and great options for schools and businesses.  It is a great place to become part of a community that sees friendships blossom while having fun and being active! The Silver Creek area of San Jose is a growing community that brings the best of what Silicon Valley has to offer in one place.

The new Sports Facility offers:

All Ages Leagues& training:

Events of all kinds:

And much more!


Finding the signs outside of the door that say 'for sale' aren't enough when you are looking at properties for any type of investment. Real estate is a profession that works off of the economy and how the flow of cash is moving through the economy. If you want to make sure that you are getting the right deal, you will also want to make sure that you are moving into the right market.



There are numerous advantages to owning a home and one of the serious advantages is the equity that is built over time. As equity builds, you create a pool of money to access in trying times.

Home Equity is simply the value of a property after all debts have been deducted.


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There has been an increasing trend in real estate purchases in the past few years. Houses have been selling fast and predictions are that this real estate boom is far from being over.


As supply and demand increases, it continues to demonstate that only the future will show when the real estate market starts slowing down.


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